Alcohol – the law

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Law If you’re under 18, it is against the law: • to buy or try to buy alcohol • for an adult to buy or try to buy alcohol for you • for someone to sell you alcohol • to drink alcohol in licensed premises (e.g. a pub or restaurant) If you’re 16 or 17… Read more »

Alcohol – Long term effects

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Long term • Dependency and addiction. This is when the body and mind have become so used to having a drug regularly, that they can no longer feel normal without it, and stopping it can cause a range of problems (withdrawal symptoms). When the drug is alcohol, these include anxiety, shaking and trembling, sickness and… Read more »

Alcohol – Downsides

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Downsides • Drowziness • Blurred vision • Slurred speech • Limbs feeling heavy • Movements becoming difficult • Difficulty coordinating thought and movement (you reach out to pick up a glass but you knock it over; you think you’re walking through the doorway, but you end up banging into the door frame, etc) • Difficulty… Read more »

Alcohol – Upsides

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Upsides • Feeling relaxed • Feeling content • Feeling confident • Feeling talkative • Feeling sociable and enjoying being with people • Feeling up for a party

Alcohol – Effects

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The effects of a drug can be grouped into three different kinds of effects: Upsides – the effects you’re hoping for when you use it; the good, nice effects Downsides – the not-so-good effects that happen while you’re taking the drug, but which you hope won’t happen Long term  – the ways in which the… Read more »

Alcohol – What it looks like

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What it looks like In its pure form, alcohol is a clear liquid. It is created during a natural process called fermentation which involves a substance called yeast, and sugar. In this form it is also known as ethanol. This form is not fit for drinking and is not sold for drinking. The alcohol sold… Read more »

Binge drinking

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Binge drinking usually refers to drinking lots of alcohol in a short space of time or drinking to get drunk. Researchers define binge drinking as consuming eight or more units in a single session for men and six or more for women. However, this definition does not apply to everyone because the tolerance and the speed… Read more »

Units and how they work

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A unit is a measurement of alcohol – just like an inch is a measurement of distance. Knowing how many units of alcohol are in a drink helps us to measure how much alcohol we’re putting into our bodies when we drink that drink. A can of Fosters lager has 2 units; a can of… Read more »


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On this page you will find: Basic Info What it looks like Effects Law Units and how they work Binge Drinking Factsheets Choices film about alcohol Basic Info Alcohol is a chemical that is added to different kinds of drinks. The drinks are all referred to as ‘alcohol’ but really they are different drinks with… Read more »

Drugs & Alcohol Info

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A drug is a substance that, when taken into your body, changes the way you think and feel, and how you behave. Alcohol is a drug, because it, too, does this. We at Choices work with any young person regardless of the type of drugs they use, how they use them or where they’re at… Read more »

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