Cocaine – Long term effects

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Long term effects – the ways in which the drug affects your mind and body after you’ve been using it for months or years. Long terms effects are generally not good. The effects listed here are what might happen. They don’t happen to everyone. And it’s rare for all of them to happen to one person. They… Read more »

Cocaine – Downsides

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Downsides – the not-so-good effects that can happen while you’re using; that you hope won’t happen. Heart beating worryingly fast Anxiety and panic attacks Overdose: Cocaine overdose is caused by the heart beating too fast and blood pressure becoming too high, leading to convulsions and heart attack. The more pure the drug is (the more… Read more »

Cocaine – Upsides

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Upsides – the effects you’re hoping for when you use; the nice effects   Feelings of increased energy Feelings of increased confidence Feelings of increased ability – feeling ‘invincible’ Feelings of increased motivation – up for anything Feeling ‘tingly’ and ‘buzzing’ all over When rubbed onto the gums, an anaesthetic (numbing) effect

Cocaine – The Law

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Law Cocaine is a Class A drug in the UK.   It is illegal to possess, to make, to give to someone else and to sell. It’s also illegal to let other people use it in your home, even if you aren’t using it yourself. See the Young People and the Law page for information on… Read more »

Cocaine – the effects

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Effects The effects of a drug can be grouped into three different kinds of effects: Upsides – the effects you’re hoping for when you use it; the nice effects Downsides – the not-so-good effects that happen while you’re up on the drug, which you don’t enjoy Long term effects – the ways in which the… Read more »

Cocaine – how it’s used

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How it’s taken There are four main ways of taking a white powder drug into the body: Sniffing (snorting) A small amount of the powder is separated from the rest and sniffed into one nostril. This is done either in lines – the powder is shaped into a thin line, and the line is sniffed;… Read more »

Cocaine – what it looks like

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  What it looks like Cocaine is usually sold as a white powder. The shade of white varies because white powder drugs are always mixed into several other powders, to spread the actual drug and make it go further, and so make more money for the person supplying it (dealer). The shade of white varies,… Read more »


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On this page you will find: Basic Info Other names for it What it looks like How it’s used Effects Law Factsheets Basic info Cocaine comes from the leaves of coca, a plant that grows in some mountainous countries in South America. Cocaine is a drug which speeds the body up and increases feelings of… Read more »

Drugs & Alcohol Info

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A drug is a substance that, when taken into your body, changes the way you think and feel, and how you behave. Alcohol is a drug, because it, too, does this. We at Choices work with any young person regardless of the type of drugs they use, how they use them or where they’re at… Read more »

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