Mephedrone – the law

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Law Mephedrone is a Class B drug in the UK. It is illegal to possess, to make, to give to someone else and to sell. It’s also illegal to let other people use it in your home, even if you aren’t using it yourself. See the Young People and the Law page for information on… Read more »

Mephedrone – long term effects

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Long term effects – the ways that the drug affects your mind and body when you’ve been using it for months or years. Mephedrone is a relatively new drug – no research has yet been done into its long term effects on the body and mind. However, since it is a stimulant drug, we assume… Read more »

Mephedrone – the downsides

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Downsides – the not-so-good effects that can happen when you’re using, that you hope won’t happen Compulsion (being unable to stop) Anxiety, panic attacks Heart palpitations (the heart beats faster and slower, by turns; its beat is irregular) Overdose. This is when the heart speeds up so much, you have a heart attack, or when… Read more »

Mephedrone – the upsides

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Upsides – the effects you’re hoping for when you use; the nice effects Feelings of having extra energy Feelings of euphoria – feeling intensely happy, joyful Enjoying other people, feeling affectionate towards them, connected to them, at peace with them Feeling confident Feeling ‘up for a party’

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