Ketamine – what is the bladder?

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What is the bladder? The bladder is the place where the body stores urine (pee), until you’re able to pee. What is the urinary tract? The urinary tract is the tube that takes urine from the kidneys, where it is made, to the bladder. Urine is liquid waste matter from the things that you take… Read more »

Ketamine – the law

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Ketamine is a Class B drug in the UK.   It is illegal to possess, to make, to give to someone else and to sell. It’s also illegal to let other people use it in your home, even if you aren’t using it yourself. As soon as it is prepared for injecting, ketamine becomes a Class… Read more »

Ketamine – long term effects

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Long term effects – the ways that the drug affects the mind and body when you’ve been using it for months or years. Long term effects are generally not good. Ketamine is a fairly new drug and hasn’t been around long enough for research into its long term effects on the mind and body to… Read more »

Ketamine – downsides

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Downsides – the not-so-good effects that can happen while you’re using, that you hope won’t happen Losing power to control your limbs – muscle paralysis. When the effect is mild, you feel very floaty, and ‘walk like a spaceman’ – unable to move quickly or coordinate movement properly (most people like this; it’s an upside). … Read more »

Ketamine – upsides

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Upsides – the effects you’re hoping for when you use the drug; the nice effects A feeling of being relaxed, calm and at peace A feeling of floating, or being ‘floaty’ Limbs moving very slowly – ‘walking like a spaceman’ (not everyone likes this) A feeling of being separated from your body, as though your… Read more »

Ketamine – effects

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The effects of a drug can be grouped into three different kinds of effects: Upsides – the effects you’re hoping for when you use it; the effects that feel good Downsides – the not-so-good effects that happen while you’re under the effect of the drug, that you don’t enjoy Long term effects – the ways in… Read more »

Ketamine – how it’s taken

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How it’s taken There are four main ways of taking a white powder drug into the body: Sniffing (snorting) A small amount of the powder is separated from the rest. Sometimes users do this by dipping the end of a key into the powder and using it to ‘spoon’ a small amount out. Sometimes users tip… Read more »

Ketamine – what it looks like

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What it looks like Ketamine sold to people to take for a buzz (‘street’ ketamine) is not the ketamine that doctors and paramedics use (‘pharmaceutical’ ketamine).  Street ketamine is made as a liquid, usually in India, and then dried into powder form. The powder is crystalline (like small crystals). Street ketamine is usually sold as a white… Read more »

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