SCs- the law

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Law It’s complicated, but basically since May 2016 with new the NPS Act 2016: All of these have been made illegal to possess, produce, give away or sell They are Class B drugs under the Misuse of Drugs Act. It is also illegal to allow somebody to use them in your home, even if you aren’t using… Read more »

SCs – Downsides

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Downsides – the not-so-good effects that can happen when you’re using, that you hope won’t happen The effect being unpredictable, because there’s no way of knowing which chemicals and how much of them are contained in the particular mixture you’re using The effect being much stronger or more hallucinatory (‘trippy’) than you expected. Lots of… Read more »

SCs – Upsides

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Upsides – the effects you’re hoping for when you use; the nice effects Feelings of being relaxed and calm – ‘chilled’ Feeling drowsy or sleepy Things around you seeming more interesting or amusing Colours seeming brighter or more intense Sounds (particularly music) seeming enhanced – better, deeper, more intense

SCs – How it’s used

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  How it’s used SCs are smoked. There are three main ways of smoking them: Joint: this is a hand-made cigarette, using two or three cigarette rolling papers. The SC mixture is usually mixed with tobacco before being rolled into the cigarette shape. The joint is lit like a cigarette, and the smoke – which… Read more »

SCs- What it looks like

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What it looks like SCs are chemicals, in liquid form, before they are sprayed onto plants and prepared for smoking. After that, they look like dried leaves or herbs – the smoking mixture. The mixture is packaged in square packets, usually with bright colours and whatever name it’s going by – like ‘Happy Joker’ –… Read more »

Cannabis – What it looks like

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What it looks like Cannabis is a plant with large, flat fronds of five, pointy-tipped leaves. The plant can grow several feet tall. The buds have a layer of sticky looking pollen. The natural plant is prepared in three main ways for using as a drug: Leaf: the leaves and buds are dried and compressed,… Read more »

Synthetic Cannabinoids

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On this page you will find: Basic info about synthetic cannabinoids Other names for it What it looks like How it’s used Effects Law Basic info Synthetic cannabinoids (AKA legal weed, legal, legal cannabis, synthetic cannabis) are chemicals that mimic the effects of cannabis. They are added to plant material and sold as ‘herbal’ mixtures… Read more »

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