How do I get support from N-Gage, Choices or  Sorted?

You can access the services in a number of ways:

  • You can contact us directly by calling us on the numbers on our Contact Us page.
  • If you have a youth worker or a teacher in school  that you can talk to, you can ask them to call us on your your behalf. You will have to agree to them contacting us and sharing information about you.
  • If you are able to  talk to your parents or  guardians about your support needs you can ask them to call us by following the link above

Will any one find out if I get support from N-Gage, Choices or  Sorted?

No, not if you do not want any one else to know.  We will not tell any one you have come to us for information or support.  We have a confidential service.

This means that we will not tell anyone else you are being supported by the service unless you give us permission to share this information.  Sometimes we have to share information with other people if young people or people around them are in  some kind of danger.  We will always let the young person know if we feel we have to speak to somebody else to keep people safe.

Do I have to give up everything if I work with N-Gage, Choices or  Sorted?

No, we are a harm reduction service.  This means that we will not encourage you to give up anything you are using if you do not want. If you want make safer choices about your use and not give up anything, we can help by supporting  you to make plans on how you might best achieve this.

If you would like to work towards stopping all substances (abstinence), we can help by working out with you which will be the best and safest way to do this.

Will I have to work with somebody I haven’t connected with?

No, you will have a choice of male or female workers in each of our teams. If you find that you are not really connecting with the person you are working with or would like to change your worker, you can request to be supported by another team member.  Please speak to your key worker if this is the case or speak to the service manager in each  of our projects.  They will be happy to work out with you what are your options and your preferred next step.

Will I have to be supported in my school/college/home/N-Gage, Choices or  Sorted office?

No, we have offices across all of the areas we cover in Wales.  We work in schools, colleges, young people’s centres , people’s home and anywhere a young person  is happy to be seen.  We will not see you in school, college or at home if you would not like us to.  We will always ask you where is best for you and work with your preferences.

Do I have pay to access any of N-Gage’s, Choice’s or  Sorted’s services?

No, all of  our services are free of charge. If you are a young person who uses substances, somebody affected by a young person’s substance use, a professional working with young people or you are interested in finding out about volunteering opportunities you will never be asked to pay  for any aspect of the services we provide.

If you have any questions about our service please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers on our Contact Us page. If you would prefer to ask a question via the website, please complete the following form:

Contact Us



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