Alcohol – What it looks like

What it looks like


In its pure form, alcohol is a clear liquid. It is created during a natural process called fermentation which involves a substance called yeast, and sugar. In this form it is also known as ethanol. This form is not fit for drinking and is not sold for drinking.

The alcohol sold for drinking has been created by fermentation in a mix of other ingredients. What kind of alcoholic drink that results depends on what mix of ingredients has been used. Wines, ciders and some spirits are the result of fermentation involving fruit. Other spirits involve fermentation and vegetables or grains (like rye). Beers involve fermentation with a grain called ‘hops.’ Other drinks – like schapps and alcopops – are a mixture of one of these spirits with water, colourings and flavourings. What your drink looks like depends on what kind of drink it is, and how many other liquids and colourings have been added to it.