Amphetamine – what it looks like

What it looks like

Amphetamine is usually sold as a white powder. The shade of white varies because white powder drugs are always mixed into several other powders, to spread the actual drug and make it go further, and so make more money. The shade of white varies, according to the different kinds of other powders the drug has been mixed into. This mixing is useful in one way, because any drug in its purest form is dangerously strong and has a very high risk of causing overdose and death.

Amphetamine / speed

Amphetamine / speed

In its purer form, amphetamine base, the drug is pale yellow in colour, and less powdery (because it has not been mixed with so much other powder).

White powder drugs are sold in small amounts in small plastic bags, or in the corners of plastic bags, cut off into a triangle shape and tied at the top to seal them, or in small paper envelopes called ‘wraps’.