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Basic Info

‘DMT’ is a drug called N, N-dimethyltryptamine.  It belongs to a family of drugs called tryptamines. Tryptamines cause hallucinations.

How you see, understand and think about the world around you is called your ‘perception.’ A hallucination is the effect you get when your perception of reality has been changed.  Strong hallucinations cause a feeling of being in an intense altered state, where your sense of yourself and of everything around you is changed into something unfamiliar. Many users experience this as an ‘expansion of consciousness’ or ‘mind-expanding.’  These altered-consciousness experiences are called “trips”.

Drugs that change your perception of what is going on around you in this way are called ‘hallucinogens.’  N,N-DMT is a hallucinogen.

Hallucinations can range in strength from very mild to very strong. N,N-DMT causes intense, very strong hallucinations and distortions of sensory perceptions (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch). These are so intense that users describe them as like being in a totally new reality, or being in an alien world. They report trips in which they were talking with invisible beings, became themselves a different kind of being, and were being pushed and pulled by overwhelming forces.

The effects come on very quickly. When smoked, full hallucinations begin within 10 to 60 seconds of inhalation (users have said it’s like being shot out of a cannon). The intense hallucinations last for 5-20 minutes, with milder effects lasting for one to two hours after that. The effects then stop abruptly.

Other names for it

DMT, Dimitri

N,N-DMT is closely related to another, even stronger tryptamine called 5-MeO-DMT. The word ‘DMT’ could be used for either of these.  If you’re buying DMT, make sure it’s N,N-DMT you’re getting, not the other kind.