MDMA Harm Reduction – look after your mates

Look after your mates

If any of your mates get ill while you’re using:

  • Put them in the recovery position if unconscious or sleeping
  • Take them somewhere quiet and cool if they’re anxious or panicking
  • Help them to slow down their breathing if they’re anxious or panicking, by counting the breaths like this: ‘breathe in, 2, 3; breathe out, 2, 3’
  • Stay completely calm yourself – even if you’re panicking inside, don’t show it on the outside! Talk quietly, slowly and calmly
  • Don’t let them to go off alone

If they don’t get better, call an ambulance.

If they’re having fits or seizures, call an ambulance. Don’t try to stop them from moving – instead, clear the space around them of all objects and people so that they don’t bang into things while they’re fitting.

Stay with them until the ambulance gets there, and tell the paramedics what your friend has taken. You won’t get into trouble with the police for calling an ambulance, and you might save a life.  It’s better to call an ambulance and it turn out to be a false alarm, than not to call one and it turn out to be serious: it’s always better safe than sorry.