MDMA Harm Reduction – if you sniff

If you sniff

  • Chop finely-  MDMA crystalsand pills shouldbe chopped very, very finely before sniffing. If you’re crushing a pill, be patient; it will take time to chop it until all of the lumps are crushed finely. Chopping crystals makes smaller crystals, and these have fine, sharp edges. Some of them collect on the membrane at the top of the nostrils and scrape away at the skin. This is why you can get scabs and bloody snot after sniffing. Eventually, the hard tissue in the nose (cartilage, septum) starts to get worn away. Chopping the crystals again and again, into a very fine powder – as fine as possible – reduces this damage (but doesn’t stop it!)
  • Wash nostrils – sniffing water up the nostril you just snorted the line or key with washes away the crystal that has collected in the top of the nostril. Snort 2 or 3 drops after every line. Dip your finger in water, stick thefinger in the nostril and sniff it down into your throat
  • Use your own straw – if you sniff using a straw, use your own straw and never share it with anyone. You can’t tell if a person has a blood-borne virus like Hepatitis just by looking at them. If they have it, and a small spot of their blood transfers from their nostril onto the straw, it will also transfer from the straw into your nostril if you use the straw after them.  It only takes a microscopic speck of infected blood getting into the blood stream of another person to infect them, too. If your nose is already a bit bloody or scabby from sniffing, that means an open cut in your nose, which is like an open door into your bloodstream.