MDMA Harm Reduction – if you swallow/eat/drink it

If you swallow it (ingest)

Ingesting means taking orally, or via the mouth (i.e. eating or drinking).  You can ingest MDMA by

  • swallowing Ecstasy in pill form
  • bombing crystal MDMA or crushed Ecstasy from a pill
  • dabbing crystal MDMA or crushed Ecstasy from a pill
  • mixing MDMA crystals or crushed Ecstasy into a drink
  • (see MDMA page for further information about these).

These methods avoid damage to the nose, but they carry the risk of the same damage to the tongue, throat and lining of the stomach, and they also carry a risk of overdose. It’s easy to take much more in a bomb or drink than you would sniff in a line; and therefore easy to overdose.

How to reduce ingesting risks:

  • Eat something before using – to line your stomach, and protect it from the corrosive (wearing away) effects of the drug
  • Use small amounts – to avoid large amounts of the drug hitting the membrane in the stomach at once, and to avoid the risk of overdose
  • Drink water or a soft drink – immediately after using. Water dilutes the drug and reduces some of the corrosive effects. If you’ve mixed your MDMA into water to drink it, the MDMA/water-mix will leave residue of the drug on your tongue, cheeks and throat – and the residue is corrosive (wears away the membrane). If you’ve dabbed it, strong residue remains on the tongue, damaging it. Water or a soft drink will help to wash it away before it causes harm