Training for young people

N-Gage, Choices and Sorted offer two types of training for young people.  These are called Sussed and Peer Education.


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Sussed is a course about drugs, alcohol and things related to them – like the history of human beings using them, their effects on mind and body, their effects on other things and how to reduce the risk of harms.  It can be done in two full days, or a number of shorter sessions spread over a longer time.

Sussed can increase your knowledge, or can do it to gain an Agored Cymru Level 1 accreditation.

The course uses conversation, films and activities to explore and increase your understanding about drugs and alcohol.

If you choose to gain the accreditation, you will be supported to complete a course book that will be marked by a person recognised by Agored Cymru as an Independent Verifier.

Peer Education

Peer Education           Agored Cymru

A peer educator is a young person who is able to teach, guide or lead other young people. The Peer Education course trains young people to be able to talk to other young people about drugs and alcohol.  It does this by training young people how to take other young people through the Sussed course.

The Peer Education course starts by doing the Sussed course, and then goes on to the training for how to guide other young people through Sussed.

The Peer Education course is also accredited by Agored Cymru. Completing it gives you a Level 2 Agored Cymru qualification.

If you’re interested in finding out more about either of these courses, or signing up to do one of them, contact your local N-Gage, Choices and Sorted team.  Go to Contact Us for contact details for all N-Gage, Choices and Sorted teams.

You can also find information about what is happening in your area at our Events page.

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