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Any jobs within our young person’s services are advertised through our main website

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How to apply? What happens when I apply?

Barod recognises that volunteers enhance the services we can offer to our service users.  That is why we have a dedicated volunteer coordinator and invest time and resources in our volunteers.  So why not apply now?

We welcome experience but above all value enthusiasm.  

If you have any questions about eligibility or how to apply please contact the volunteer coordinator, Barod believes in giving chances and can offer support to assist your application and placement if needed.

After you apply:-

We hope we never have to have waiting lists, but in reality we receive lots of applications all the time.  Don’t let this stop you applying though.

Once you have submitted an application- if you do have to wait,  you will be kept up to date with any opportunities to attend events and training.

Training may include Substance Awareness, New Psychoactive Substance Awareness, SIEDs/IPEDS, Recovery and Equality and Diversity training amongst others.

The volunteer coordinator will contact you with any placements that may arise that fit your application.

When volunteer roles and link workers become available then you will be invited to either a group or one to one interview, as well as site and team visits.

All offers of placements will depend on successful application, completion of the induction, core training and trial days.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Barod aims to provide everyone who volunteers with us an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.
We offer:

  • Accredited training
  • Support, mentoring and guidance from a trained substance misuse worker
  • The opportunity to apply for paid employment if you wish to do so
  • Personal and professional development
  • The opportunity to meet new and interesting people

The criteria for being a volunteer

Barod will encourage people from all sections of the community to apply to become a volunteer including those who have been directly and indirectly affected by substance misuse.

Barod are particularly looking for the following qualities from prospective volunteers:

  • Open minded, non judgemental, creative, supportive and willing to learn.
  • We ask that you are able to give us some of your time on a weekly basis.

Barod can have more people wanting to volunteer than the spaces we have available. Although not everyone who applies to become a volunteer will be successful we will give you suggestions, signposting to other organisations or request you reapply at another time if you are initially unable to join our team.

How do I apply to volunteer with Barod?

Barod recruits volunteers 2-3 times a year, if there is sufficient demand and capacity within the organisation. The maximum number of volunteers recruited at each time is 12.

All people interested in volunteering with Barod should visit our adult  service website  to contact our volunteer coordinator who will let you know when the next recruitment will be.

The volunteer coordinator will either send you out an application form or ask to hold your contact details on our database until our next recruitment.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend an informal interview.

For more information please have a look at our volunteering handbook or give our volunteer coordinator a ring  through the adult service website .

Comments from existing volunteers

“I feel my input is valued” Caerphilly Volunteer

“It’s an eye opener, it’s changed my attitudes” Gwent Volunteer

“It’s opened up a new career path for me” Merthyr Volunteer